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Description: photoFerruh YIGIT

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Improving my embedded software programming skills and using current experience on consumer electronics products in a productive and challenging environment.

Work Experience

Sr. Software Engineer

11/2009 2/2012 Ubicom, Istanbul, Turkey

Ubicom is a semiconductor company headquartered in San Jose, CA, that develops processor and software solutions to optimize data flow for Media and Networking.

One of the projects is developing a router gateway device based on ubicom32 architecture (IP7K & IP8K) and supplying required software stack for router which is based on Linux OS.

I have been working on software development part of the router gateway project, developing and porting open source projects for Ubicom architecture. Also as part of work need to work on Linux kernel internals, specially network part and low level Ubicom assembly language.

Working on uClinux (which is Linux port for non-mmu devices), using uClibc (embedded version of glibc), busybox (embedded version of Unix tools and shell) and OpenWRT (open source router software platform). Development done using C programming language.

Project details worked on in Ubicom:

  Ported various OpenWrt packets to IP7K.

  Worked for customer support and training.

  Porting OpenWrt to new IP8K microprocessors.

  Developed code for Streamengine which is Ubicom patented QoS engine.

  Developed code for Network accelerator.

  Designed and developed code for layer two switching accelerator.

Sr. Software Engineer

05/2008 11/2009 Havelsan A.. Istanbul, Turkey

Working in Ship Integrated War Administration System (GENESIS) project which is modernization of old technology production War Management System used in G-Class Frigates.

Developing low level component communication in Combat Management System, within and inside the components in a distributed system.

Configuring and validating hardware and supplying abstract interface for middleware.

Developing on Linux and UNIX platforms using C and C++ programming languages.

Software Engineer

01/2008 05/2008 AirTies Wireless Networks, Istanbul, Turkey

Working as embedded software developer on wireless IP Television project.

Project covers developing set-top box software which is responsible on receiving video data over network, decoding it and presenting on a display media.

Development is based on Linux platform on MIPS architecture, using C programming language.

Software Engineer

6/2005 01/2008 STMicroelectronics, Istanbul, Turkey

Developed reference software for set-top box decoder which is delivered to customers as a sample for their product development.

Developed software runs over 40 separate device drivers, like slave cores, soft video decoder, tuners, flash driver, timing generators, I2C, PIO, SATA, IR, HDMI, Audio / Video DACs. Also used third party libraries for Ethernet communication, Virtual File System and USB.

Worked on specific development platform which supports all chip supported features. Deal with low level system configuration, like LMI register settings and PLL values. System wide configuration like task priorities and memory management. Application debugged using JTAG interface.

Had basic interaction with hardware like using oscilloscope for some measurements and applying some defined modifications on PCB.

Software developed on OS21 RTOS and Embedded Linux. Has experience on configuring Linux kernel and module debugging.

Supported specific customers with their own development via phone/mail, code patching or internal bug trace framework.

Except development, participated all release process, testing software components, quality assurance and documentation.

Army Information Technologies Officer

12/2003 - 12/2004 Military Obligation, Adapazari, Turkey

During military obligation worked as information technologies officer. With a obligation to maintain existing computer network.


7/2002 - 9/2002 Yildiz Technical University - Microelectronics Lab, Istanbul, Turkey

Adding LCD to the ISA card as an extension to the laboratory kit. Developing a simple editor application and integrating existing compiler to the editor application using assembly language.


10/1997 - 7/2003 Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Bachelor's Degree

Electronic Faculty - Computer Engineering


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used/Experience year

C programming language Expert Currently used/6

C++ programming language Expert Currently used/3

Code management tools

(ClearCase, CVS, SVN, GIT) Expert Currently used/6

Embedded Development Expert Currently used/6

Java Programming Beginner 5 years ago/1

Linux OS Expert Currently used/7

UNIX OS (Solaris) Intermediate 4 years ago /1

UNIX and shell scripting Expert Currently used/6

x86 assembly language Intermediate 5 years ago/1


English (Fluent - Wide Knowledge)


Received Trainings:

C++ Programming Language 01.07.2008 04.07.2008

Sun Solaris 09.06.2008 14.06.2008

Linux Reference Software 05.07.2007 - 22.07.2007 (Noida/India)

Quality Excellence In Mind 30.05.2007 - 30.05.2007

Job Effectiveness 12.02.2007 - 14.02.2007

Linux 06.02.2007 - 08.02.2007

Sata Usb Training 23.11.2006 - 23.11.2006

Hdmi E-training II 22.11.2006 - 22.11.2006

Hdmi E-training 21.11.2006 - 21.11.2006

Memory And Performance Management 17.11.2006 - 17.11.2006

Audio Device Driver Training 29.08.2007 - 06.09.2006 (Noida/India)

Personal Effectiveness 16.08.2006 - 18.08.2006

Business Excellence 07.08.2006 - 07.08.2006

Integration Seminar 19.07.2006 - 20.07.2006


Presented Trainings:

Linux Reference Software 08.11.2007 - 09.11.2007

Audio Device Driver Training 09.12.2006 - 09.12.2006